Account Management

Investment Accounts Tailored for Alternative Investments

CaliberX APIs are designed to support individual, joint, and entity investment accounts

Diverse Investment Account Types

CaliberX APIs are designed to support a diverse range of investment account types, including but not limited to individual accounts, joint accounts, and legal entity accounts encompassing corporations, partnerships, or trusts.

Party and Accounts Data Model

Our system is built on a comprehensive party-account data model. This structure differentiates between the 'party,' who could be an individual or a legal entity, and the 'account,' which administers the holdings of the respective party. This meticulously designed data model empowers us to accommodate a myriad of account structures seamlessly.

Uncompromising Regulatory Compliance

  • Identity Verification: To ensure a secure environment for our clients' investments, all account owners must undergo a rigorous identity verification process before their accounts can achieve "Ready to Trade" status.

  • Accredited Verification: For Regulation D - 506(c) funds, the SEC requires accredited verification. We adhere to this requirement to maintain the highest standards of compliance.

Payment Methods

Payment methods serve as fund sources for investment orders. Distributions from funds are deposited back to the payment methods used to place the investment orders.

You can add payment methods to a Party. When creating investment orders, select an eligible payment method available on the account via the owner relationship between a Party and Account.

Comprehensive Performance Reporting

We provide detailed performance reporting for the holdings of the account. We calculate NAV, net gain, paid-in capital, committed capital, and IRR, offering a current snapshot along with access to historical pricing. This ensures you have a clear understanding of your investments' performance at all times.

Tax reporting statements will be issued at the Party level, ensuring that you have a holistic understanding of your tax obligations. All necessary documents can be securely retrieved from our document vault.

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