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Your Hub for Top-Tier Alternative Investments
Welcome to the Caliber Exchange marketplace, where we curate a selection of funds from leading venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and other alternative asset classes. Our platform is designed to help you meet your clients' needs, from mass affluent accredited investors to qualified purchasers.

Why Choose the CaliberX Marketplace?

Access to Premier Funds
Our technology houses a diverse range of funds, including venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and other alternative asset classes. Our selection is curated with institutional-level diligence standards.
Tailored Fund Structures
We understand that different investors have different needs. That's why we structure funds to address the tax and administrative needs of a diverse client base. Whether it's fund-of-funds for mass affluent accredited investors or direct feeder funds for qualified purchasers, we can lead the structuring.
Transparent Access to Fund Data
We believe in transparency. We work closely with fund managers to provide clear and accessible fund data, so you can make informed decisions for your clients.
Institutional Due Diligence
We've partnered with Meketa Investment Group to provide institutional-level due diligence. This aims to ensure that the funds on our platform are not only high-quality but also reliable and trustworthy.

Our Offerings

Fund Discovery
Our Marketplace provides richly structured fund data that can help you discover suitable offerings for your clients. This fund data is available via API.
Fund Types
Our APIs support fund-of-funds and direct feeder fund vehicles for U.S. taxable investors, most non-U.S. investors, and U.S. tax-exempt investors.
Investor Qualification
Our marketplace caters to a broad spectrum of investors, including Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers. We meticulously perform the necessary regulatory checks and verifications. For instance, we undertake the verification process required for Regulation D – Rule 506(c) to verify investor accreditation.
Our APIs provide detailed information on each fund's legal structure, regulatory exceptions, and regulatory exemptions. Our expertise covers U.S. private offering exemptions such as Regulation D – Rule 506(b), Regulation D – Rule 506(c), Regulation A and others. We also cover exceptions like 3(c)1 and 3(c)(7).
Diligence Hub
Our Diligence Hub provides comprehensive diligence materials, helping you understand each fund's strategy, operations, and potential strengths and weaknesses. These diligence materials are available via APIs.
Tax Reporting
Our APIs provide tax reporting services for the funds on the marketplace, through which you can retrieve relevant 1099s and K-1 tax forms.
Performance Reporting
We provide performance reporting on funds and accounts. For funds, we calculate NAV, DPI, TVPI, RVPI, and IRR. For accounts, we calculate NAV, net gain, paid-in capital, committed capital, and IRR.
Fund Information
Our APIs provide comprehensive fund information, including but not limited to overview, inception date, closing date, capital call date, target fund size, asset class, sector, strategy, geography, tax reporting, fees, fund sponsor, domicile, service providers, investment term, and total term.